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The Fur Family!

We take great pride in the quality of doodles we produce here at Oak Hill Farm Doodles.  We only use the best of the best for our breeding program.  Our goal is to give you the healthiest, soundest puppy as possible. Below you can meet the members of our family!





Penny is the best of ALL worlds.  Beauty, brains, and healthy.  She has made a wonderful addition to our program and family.  Her temperament is beautiful just like her wonderful conformation and striking feathering.

Size: 70lbs AKC Registered


Reba is a puppy at heart, she loves playing; but that doesn't effect how smart she is.  She loves being a part of the family, and enjoys showing off her gorgeous deep red fur by running around having a blast!

Size: 60lbs AKC Registered


Rosie is raised straight from Oak Hill Farm Doodles.  Her mom is our retired girl Holly, who passed down some of the most desirable traits you could ask for in a dog.  She is a big girl with a big heart!

Size: 60lbs AKC Registered


Sasha is a brilliantly colored and conformed red moyen poodle. She is also happy and loves 'smiling' for us.  She has such gorgeous little babies passing on her amazing genes;  Great things can come in small packages too

Size: 35lbs AKC Registered


Fiona is our miniature Red-parti girl and we look forward to continue incorporating that into irishdoodles for a little bit of extra wow-factor.  She is an exceptional mother to her puppies and part of our family. 

Size: 20lbs AKC Registered

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