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Become A Guardian Home

Our guardian home program allows you to take home one of our breeding stock puppies at a reduced cost.  We offer this so you can take home a puppy to be loved as a family member, there are several reason why a guardian home would be a good choice for some families.

Our guardian home puppies are usually pick of the litter, the best of the best to ensure we are bringing more quality loving puppies into the world.  After the guardian dogs are finished breeding you end up with complete ownership.

How long does the guardian home program last?

To ensure quality of life and health of the dogs in this program it is a case by case basis, but usually a dog will have up to 5 litters over 3-4 years.

What if for some reason it doesn't work out for my family?

If for ANY reason this arrangement does not work out for either side, it can be reversed. If something happens, you're no longer able to care for your pup, or you aren't sure we will always take our dogs back, you will never have to feel like you are stuck in a deal you don't want a part of.  This makes it a very risk free situation for your family.  Our dogs will ALWAYS come back to Oak Hill Farm Doodles, as we do not want our dogs in a shelter, or with an irresponsible owner, as we make sure we put them in suitable homes.

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